Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
at Massey University (Albany Campus), New Zealand

Theoretical Chemistry

Theoretical Physics

Allison group-logo Allison Group:
Computational Biochemistry
Quantum Chromodynamics Bowman Group:
Quantum Chromodynamics
Pahl group-logo Pahl Group:
Computational Chemistry and Physics
Complex hybrid structures Brand Group:
Ultracold Atomic Gases
home.jpg Schwerdtfeger Group:
Quantum Chemistry and Physics
Complex Systems Flach Group:
The Physics of Complex Systems
Quantum Dynamics and Thermodynamics Fialko Group:
Quantum Dynamics and Thermodynamics

External groups:

Lein group-logo Lein Group:
Computational Chemistry
Logo_CTCP.jpg Zülicke Group:
Quantum Nano Science
ts17_fefe2kl.jpg Söhnel Group:
Solid State Chemistry

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