Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
at Massey University (Albany Campus), New Zealand

Prof. Sergej Flach (Professor in Physics)

Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study
Bldg. 44, Massey University (Albany Campus)
Private Bag 102 904
North Shore Mail Centre
Auckland, New Zealand
Phone (64) 09 414 0800 ext 41528
Fax (64) 09 443 9779
Email: s.flach@massey.ac.nz


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Nonlinear Classical and Quantum Waves in Complex Systems
  • localizing media: disordered lattices (Anderson), quasiperiodic lattices (Aubry Andre), dc biased lattices (Wannier Stark), quantum kicked rotor, ...
  • spreading of nonlinear waves in localizing media
  • heat transport with nonlinear waves in localizing media
  • localization vs delocalization of quantum interacting particles in localizing media
  • discrete breathers: theory: classical, quantum, dissipation, fluctuations, transients, equilibrium
  • nonlinear optics: localizing light in coupled nonlinear optical waveguides - optical switches, tunable filters
  • Josephson Junction Arrays in the classical and quantum regime - localized excitations, tunable filters etc
  • spins: localized excitations in spin lattices
  • micromechanics: driven micromechanical cantilever arrays
  • molecules,solids: Selective bond excitations in molecules and solids - localization vs. tunneling, dissociation
Statistical Physics
  • cryptography meets nonlinear waves: nonlinear waves close to phase transitions
  • encrypting relevant yet short information (passwords!) with nonlinear waves
  • generation of CAPTCHAs
  • q-breathers: math: classical and quantum
  • solving the Fermi-PastaUlam problem: (localization, recurrence, equipartition via tail resonances)
  • application to finite systems
  • scaling: finite system solution scaling to infinite system size
  • discrete breathers: properties in and contribution to equilibrium state, long transients in nonequilibrium
Ratchet Transport
  • ratchets
  • symmetries: spatio-temporal symmetries and ways of violating them
  • particles (classical,quantum): single particle transport
  • interactions: effects of particle-particle interactions
  • solitons: field description of many interacting particles: soliton ratchets
  • spins: rectifying magnetization for classical and quantum spins, including interaction effects
  • cold atoms: application to transport of cold atoms (Cs, Rb)
  • BEC: even colder: transport of BEC
Fano Resonances in Nanoscale Structures
  • Fano resonances: wave scattering in 1d, destructive interference, resonant total reflection
  • time-dependent scatterers: serve in 1d
  • quantum dots: scattering of electrons by side quantum dots, spin filters
  • tunnel junctions: transport of electrons through tunnel junctions with external ac fields
  • Josephson junctions: scattering of plasmons by rotobreather excitations
  • optical waveguides: scattering of light by discrete solitons in waveguide arrays
  • solitons: resonant scattering
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