Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
at Massey University (Albany Campus), New Zealand

Associate Members of the CTCP and Honorary Research Fellows

Please click on the name of one of our associate members to access their personal page (if available).

  • Dr. Sergej Flach

    Massey University Honorary Research Fellow
    Institute for Basic Science
    Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems
    Office 417, Faculty Wing, KAIST Munji Campus
    193 Munji-ro, Daejeon, 34051, South Korea
    Phone: +82 42 878 8601
    Webpage: Sergej Flach
    Email: sflach@ibs.re.kr

  • Dr. Uli Zülicke

    School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
    Victoria University Wellington
    Room 406a, Laby Building, Kelburn Campus
    Wellington 6140, New Zealand
    Phone: +64-4-463 6926
    Webpage: Uli Zülicke
    Email: uli.zuelicke@vuw.ac.nz

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