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Elke Pahl (Lecturer in Physics)

Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study
Bldg. 44, Massey University (Albany Campus)
Private Bag 102 904
North Shore Mail Centre
Auckland, New Zealand
Phone (64) 09 414 0800 ext 41432
Fax (64) 09 443 9779
Email: e.pahl@massey.ac.nz



Solid State Physics/ Nanophysics:
  • Melting simulations of nanoclusters and solid systems with emphasis on mercury, rare gases, and molecular systems. Use of parallel tempering Monte Carlo methods. High pressure studies.
  • Background in calculation of ground state properties and band structures of extended systems.
Theoretical Chemistry:
  • Use of highly sophisticated quantum-chemical methods (coupled-cluster approach) including treatment of relativistic effects for dimer/trimer interaction potentials.
  • Background in numerical solution of time-dependent Schroedinger equation; core-hole spectroscopy.
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