Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
at Massey University (Albany Campus), New Zealand


Kia Ora - welcome to New Zealand and the CTCP!

Now, let's get you processed. Many of the below forms can be completed before you step on the plane, in order that everything can be ready for your visit.


eduroam Should your primary institute have eduroam, this is by far the swiftest way to get internet access here at Massey. Simply use your laptop's wifi, access the wireless "eduroam" network, and login using primary institute credentials. Massey staff members can access eduroam while visiting using these instructions.
If eduroam is unavailable from your other affiliations, then you will need to register your laptop's MAC address with our ITS. Unfortunately, no automated web service for device registrations yet exists at Massey. However you can visit Accounts and Access, and download the "User Registration Non-standard form". Please review this form with your CTCP faculty sponsor, and email a completed version to Vesna Davidovic-Alexander.
There are currently three desktops in the Fishbowl Room exclusively available for guest use. Online account requests for the high performance computing cluster are in development; interested guests please contact our Research Officer directly.


key For longer visits in which you need to be independent of your sponsor's schedule, you'll need to get both a building access card and an office key. Please complete this form to be issued a building access card. Some instructions of note include:
  • "Department:" is CTCP, and circle NO for "Permanent Staff". Either leave "Ext. No:" blank, or use your faculty sponsor's.
  • Please be sure the start and expiry dates align with your visit.
  • In one of the "Other" slots, please write "eCentre" and circle it.
  • Sign, date, and return scanned form to Vesna Davidovic-Alexander.
Your office key will be issued upon your arrival, but please ensure your sponsor or Vesna has this form ready.


For internet access, please visit Accounts and Access. Use the relevant categories that are NOT "User Registration Non-standard form". Key and building access forms are the same as for other guests.
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