Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
at Massey University (Albany Campus), New Zealand

Jan-Michael Mewes

Feodor-Lynen Fellow, Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation

Jan-M. Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
Bob Tindall Bldg., NZ Institute for Advanced Study
Massey University (Albany Campus)
Private Bag 102904
North Shore MSC, Auckland
New Zealand
Phone +64 9 414 0800 ext. 43635

Email: janmewes at website
Website: www.janmewes.de

Research interests:

  • Photophysical and photochemical processes in molecules (light-induced reactivity, non-radiative deactivation)
  • Role and influence of solvents in (photo)chemical processes (solvatochromism, solvent-dependent fluorescence)
  • Development of combined quantum-chemical/electro-classical approaches (QM/PCM, QM/MM)
  • Development of efficent approaches to simulate bulk properties of super-heavy elements

Selected Publications:

(For a complete list please be referred to Google Scholar or Research Gate)

  • JMM
    "Modeling TADF in organic emitters requires a careful consideration of the environment and going beyond the Franck-Condon approximation" (PCCP HOT Article)
    PCCP 20, 12452-12469 (2018)

  • JMM, P Jerabek, DS Bohle, P Schwerdtfeger
    "The Light-Driven Isomerization of Aqueous Nitrate: A Theoretical Perspective" (Front Cover Page)
    Chem. Photo. Chem. 2, 725-733 (2018)

  • KG Steenbergen, JMM, LF Pasteka, HW Gaeggler, G Kresse, E Pahl, P Schwerdtfeger
    "The cohesive energy of superheavy element copernicium determined from accurate relativistic coupled-cluster theory."
    PCCP 19, 32286-32295 (2017)

  • JMM, JM Herbert, A Dreuw
    "On the accuracy of the general, state-specific polarizable-continuum model for the description of correlated ground- and excited states in solution"
    PCCP 19 (2), 1644-1654 (2017)

  • J Ma, JMM, KT Harris, TM Dore, DL Phillips, A Dreuw
    "Unravelling the early photochemical behavior of (8-substituted-7-hydroxyquinolinyl) methyl acetates through electronic structure theory and ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy"
    PCCP 19 (2), 1089-1096 (2017)

  • SA Mewes, JMM, A Dreuw, F Plasser
    "Excitons in poly (para phenylene vinylene): a quantum-chemical perspective based on high-level ab initio calculations"
    PCCP 18 (4), 2548-2563 (2016).

  • K Meyer, Z Liu, N Mueller, JMM , A Dreuw, T Buckup, M Motzkus, T Pfeifer
    "Signatures and control of strong-field dynamics in a complex system"
    PNAS 112 (51), 15613-15618 (2015).

  • ZQ You, JMM, A Dreuw, JM Herbert
    "Comparison of the Marcus and Pekar partitions in the context of non-equilibrium, polarizable-continuum solvation models"
    JCP 143 (20), 204104 (2015).

  • JMM, ZQ You, M Wormit, T Kriesche, JM Herbert, A Dreuw
    "Experimental benchmark data and systematic evaluation of two a posteriori, polarizable-continuum corrections for vertical excitation energies in solution"
    JPCA 119 (21), 5446-5464 (2015).

  • JMM, V Jovanovic, CM Marian, A Dreuw
    "On the molecular mechanism of non-radiative decay of nitrobenzene and the unforeseen challenges this simple molecule holds for electronic structure theory"
    PCCP 16 (24), 12393-12406 (2014).

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