NZIAS High Performance Computing Cluster

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The cluster contains the following machines:

  • 12 Intel Xeon E2670 machines with 16-cores and 128GB of RAM [ctcp-sgi]
  • 16 AMD Opteron 6174 machines with 24-cores and 64GB of RAM [ctcp]
  • 4 Intel Xeon X5550 machines with 8-cores and 48GB of RAM [ctcp-blade]
  • 2 Intel Xeon X5660 machines with 12-cores and 48GB of RAM [ctcp-blade]
  • The remaining systems are Intel Xeon X5355 machines with 8-cores and 16GB of RAM [bestgrid]

Relative Speeds

The AMD Opteron based machines offer higher theoretical peak floating point performance and memory bandwidth. However, the Intel Xeon machines have faster individual cores. Therefore, if your job only uses a small number of cores it will probably finish more quickly when run on the Intel Xeon machines.

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